Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pigment.. Artist Guy Warren...

Artist Guy Warren's series for Pigment has been an interesting one for me, for several reasons..  As I mentioned in my two previous blogs on him, he instantly reminded me of my late Father, in looks and his ways, on finding out they shared the same birthday, it was a little unnerving..

91 year old Warren is a straight shooter and tells it like it is, as he did when telling me he was not a fan of my portraits of him, my grading wasn't flattering and I made him look 10 years his senior... I do respect honesty and I suspect you can't always please your audience..

What I found in Guy Warren's studio space, was a life time of an artist, shelves that had tubes of paint, not disturbed for nearly 30 years, literally found, where they were left.. And this was the basis for my images of his chapter..

Winsor & Newton tubes, with logos long since redesigned, but this was the charm of the objects, along with French paints that looked 50 plus years old, it was almost like discovering a shipwreck on the sea bed covered in silt..

And finally Guy's apron of 25 plus years, with layer upon layer of oils etc, a piece of work in itself..

I'd love to exhibit Guy Warren's section alone, large graphic prints, I feel will be a powerful series, along with its stories of yesteryear..

I would like the opportunity to photograph him again at some point, whether he agrees or not, remains to be seen..? I think many take out coffees and muffins, will have to be the order of the day to get a yes..

Hopefully he will see the beauty and sheer history in his series of images, but we will see...

One thing is for sure, the more time I've spent with Guy, the more he felt like my late Father and this was rather an odd experience...

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