Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One more in the bar.... TAC Campaign

Here's a clever, hard hitting campaign out of JayGrey, Jay Furby gave me this brief towards the end of last year. Having to find the right bends in the road and shoot at 2-3am to guarantee there was no traffic on them, meant endless shot after shot hoping a car or bus, wouldn't come round the bend. Fantastic post production from Mikey at the studios that are Cream and Mr Steve York, who is forever willingly to put his hand up and say yes, to get a strong brief completed to the right level.

Why I get out of bed, in the morning... I love cheese.

As I get older, the more and more I like to have humour, or irony in my work. So when Chris Andrews and Cal Fitzhardinge, from BMF Melbourne showed me this brief, I knew I had to do it. It really was a great team who worked on it and even though my leg was still knackered, I had trusty sidekick Klint to help out. Cd was Dave Klein, who you couldn't find an easier man to work with and Cassandra Scott-Finn was styling to shoot and as always, went beyond her duties, to do a fantastic job. Sandor our talent really nailed the shots and the girls were pretty sick of looking at him, by the end of the day.....

Quirky Music Maestro Brendan Maclean..

When I shot Brendan for a Budget Eyewear job, about 18 months ago, little did I know he had many fingers, in many pies, so to speak. Brendan apart from DJing on Triple J, is also a talented recording artist. We've talked about getting something shot for a while and this is what we did yesterday. Really like that Brendan is game for a laugh and likes things more on weird and quirky side of the street. We'll be shooting something else in the near future in the studio, slightly more polished, but most definitely as odd...

As always click on image to enlarge.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Birdman's Mo

Quickly just nipped over to Coogee to shoot Blues star Greg 'Birdman' Bird, great chap, with a look of the Errol Flynn's about his mo..

Awesome Beard on Jo'Burg Lions player Joshua Strauss

With my ongoing beard series, Loundsy managed to wangle League player Greg 'Birdman' Bird, for his Errol Flynn Mo. Whilst waiting for the Birdman, Loundsy managed to bump into Johannesburg Lions Rugby Union star Josh Strauss, who I've got to say has one sweet beard and a good lad too.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cheeky Brief

On occasion a cheeky brief comes along, that's just a bit of fun. 'Hairy Banana' Matt Smith BWM, came to me with a brief by one of his colleagues Jono Flannery. Simply it was for a pub we all have a mutual love for, the Australian Youth Hotel in Broadway. Dave Magills their manager came to Matt with a brief, it was $10 bar meals, free drink with the meal, simple as that. So we got their chef Matt Cartwright to produce the meals actually in the glass. There is no post on the shots it's down to Matt's great work, clean, simple and a tab behind the bar for the future, sweet....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mr Choc Ming Chan's awesome beard.

As part of my 73 year beard series, I had the pleasure of shooting a college's distant relative, Mr Choc Ming Chan, not only did he have a sweet beard, he was a great character. The exhibition prints are coming on nicely for the show starting 1st June entitled 'Facial'..