Friday, November 23, 2012

Freckles.. Sisters, Claire & Ruby..

As part of my ongoing series on freckles, I’ve recently shot another old team mate, Dave Bruce’s kids, Claire and Ruby..

Claire use to come to watch us play on a Saturday and always has had these great freckles.. Now at the ripe old age of 10, I thought it would be great to shoot a portrait of her, before she got too old and started losing the freckles..

Ruby her older sister came round too and though she doesn’t have as many, is at that next stage in life as a teenager..

Their mum and I observed the shots and compared the two of them, coming to the conclusion, that their eye colour was really their only main similarity..

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Colin & Friends...

Earlier this year I worked on a series of images for an art director friend of mine Dave ‘Gibbo’ Gibson.. I never uploaded my favourites and thought it was time I did so..

I love dogs and love working with them, it’s like shooting kids, you never really know what you’re going to get…

Sounds like a line from a film..

My dog Monty, will be jealous..

Brendan Maclean.. Hair Lip, Burger Me.. KD Lang

A highly flammable T-Shirt, covered in burgers, a Macca's staff badge, 2 pickles, a gold fluffy blouse, a granny's blouse, a pair of clippers and a Gillette Mac3 Turbo..

+ Brendan Maclean and this is what comes out at the end of the shoot..

This is my Hair Lip, Burger Me.. KD Lang image.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Smokers.. Outside the TAB..

I've never been a betting man ever, but many many moons ago I did smoke.. Years later though, I hate with a passion..

What a hypocrite...

Next door to my local café, is a betting shop, the TAB.. Everyday dozens of blokes spend hours on end, spunking their cash. In between bets they're all out the front smoking away, then littering the pavement, with their butts..

So the other day I decided to go tweezers and zipbag in hand and take a selection of these butts and try to shoot something with them, here are the results..

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

You can follow me on Tumblr too..

You can now follow me and my images on Tumblr..

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Kenny Son's Grandparents..


I met Kenny outside his folks restaurant in Balmain, Ma BA Sa... Great food.  I was working on my beard project, at the time and thought he had an interesting look. I shot his portrait the following week and that was now, a few years back..

Kenny has a passion for design, which he studies and a love of photography and has been helping me out on shoots ever since.. I like Kenny a lot, he's very polite, calm and thoughtful.. His parents are lovely too, hard working and his mum loves the girls... For every time we go into the restaurant, they are in her arms..

Kenny has shown me many fantastic black and white images of his Grandparents on his father's side.
They were cool cats back in the day and I've mentioned that if they were to ever visit, to let me know, so I could take a portrait of them. And this happened on Thursday...

I very rarely get nervous before shooting anybody, but I felt slightly apprehensive before they arrived..

Kenny turned up with cakes in hand, I was already set up and didn't want to take too long over the shots. I gave Kenny direction and he translated. I found my usual Dad-Gag routine took a while to get through to my audience, I would say something, Kenny would translate, then a laugh would drop out the other end...

Anyway Kwang-won is 86 and has the verve of a man 20 years younger, as does Dong-soon, a mere 80... One thing I notice was how beautiful his Grandmother's skin was, I complimented her on this, but I felt she thought I was joking, but they both had a beauty about them, that I loved...

Did I mentioned they'd been married for 55 years..

I hope they like what I have taken and hope to see them again sometime...?

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Must Av A Moustache For Archie... Nugget

Recently I had some tragic news, that an old school friend had suddenly past away at the tender age of 39.. I had seen Adam 'Archie' Hughes for many years, but the whole school and town community have pulled together, over this sad news...

A Facebook page in honour of him was set up, entitled 'Must Av A Moustache For Archie'.. And all the locals and fellow school colleges are trying to grown Mo's.. Obviously there have been a fair few females uploading false mo's for the cause and my Elkie saw this and wanted to take a photo for the site..

We saw a moustache necklace on the weekend and we thought it would do the trick.. Though when it came time to strike a pose, she got rather camera shy, which is very unlike her.. So Daddy lent a helping hand, literally..

Here's my favourite from the very limited series...

R.I.P. Archie & my best wishes to you all connected with this tragedy, back home. x x

Monday, November 12, 2012

Beat Me To It.. Brendan Maclean. A Light Dusting..

Here is my first clip, a random idea I came up with recently, that I thought would work nicely with rising Singer/Songwriter Brendan Maclean.

Simply shot in one take..

Brendan gave a beautiful performance and I feel he really draws you in, considering it's just one long, three and a half minute shot..

We have a few other clips in the pipeline over the next few months, though the next one will not be so intense. A more humourous clip, which is to be a cover of an 80's Pop classic, will to be the order of the day...

I hope you like..?

Flour Power... Brendan Maclean. Beat Me To It..

So I called Brendan, on my return from London and let him know I want to shoot a video clip, of one of his songs.. Mr Maclean has already shot some great clips, that sum him up brilliantly.. My idea was a little different to that, so I told him the idea.. He said "Yep, sure. I'll be over next week."

I wanted to do this clip in one take, that was my only real direction, apart from keep eye contact and give it some welly, so to speak.. Brendan never disappoints.. We shot one practice run, for lyrics and then shot it for real..

The work process with him is always fun, he is always eager to shoot ideas, that a lot of singers probably wouldn't and he always delivers.. Whilst on Skype with my eldest nephew, back in London, who happens to be an actor of 15 plus years, I ask him if I could play him the clip, via Skype..

Holding the Ipad back to front and lining up the screen was an achievement in itself, but I wanted to see Dan's reaction..?  At first there was a grin and a smirk, then as the clip progressed, his expression changed..

These are some of the grabs from the clip...

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Porteno Duo.. Ben & Elvis...



Well here are the rest of my shots of the chaps Ben & Elvis, from Porteno...

There isn't much I didn't cover about the guys in the previous blog, both successful for cooking up a storm, I wanted to shoot them as themselves, not in front of the kitchen, that shot is for another day..

I feel these two compliment one another, the same, but different, but both nice chaps, who look the part..

I commented to Kenny, that Elvis's plaster on his left index finger, was even cool...

They didn't rush, just let me do what I liked and seemed at ease throughout, which always helps.. 

I hope we get to work together again, in the not too distant future, I think there is more I'd like to try and bring out in their characters, as just Ben and just Elvis...

And maybe next time I dine there, we can share a beer, or two..?