Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ben & Elvis.. Porteno..

Ben & Elvis from Porteno look the business, very cool cats.. But they're both approachable and down to earth.. My mate Miles who'd tattooed the pair of them, set the session up for me..

I belled Elvis last week and we teed up a time...

The chaps are a real duo, they give each other balance, they work well together..  They both arrived at Porteno at 11am sharp, both looking sharp, Kenny and I set the kit  up, next to the bar upstairs and minutes later in walked Elvis. He's a tall and angular guy, every detail is immaculate, his hair, tattoo's, clothes and jewelry..

He sits down and we start, he easy to photograph and 10 minutes later we're done.. He and Ben have just received these rather sweet denim jackets from The Black Keys, they suit them to a tee, so for my first image from their series, this was what I sent them, for approval..

Obvious they seem pleased with the first shot, as they've uploaded it and I got it sent me by mutual friend, JimBob Country-Estate..

Anyway onto Ben, who just looks like he's stepped out of 1949, as I'm grading his shots, as I type, they really look like we could've been taking these shots, all those years back..

Ben also seems comfortable as we shoot, he's easy going and takes direction well..

I shoot them separately, which they've never been done before.. As I say, they are a strong duo, but also individuals and that's what I want to capture..

The rest of the series will follow in the next day or so...

As always click on the image to enlarge...

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