Friday, November 16, 2012

Kenny Son's Grandparents..


I met Kenny outside his folks restaurant in Balmain, Ma BA Sa... Great food.  I was working on my beard project, at the time and thought he had an interesting look. I shot his portrait the following week and that was now, a few years back..

Kenny has a passion for design, which he studies and a love of photography and has been helping me out on shoots ever since.. I like Kenny a lot, he's very polite, calm and thoughtful.. His parents are lovely too, hard working and his mum loves the girls... For every time we go into the restaurant, they are in her arms..

Kenny has shown me many fantastic black and white images of his Grandparents on his father's side.
They were cool cats back in the day and I've mentioned that if they were to ever visit, to let me know, so I could take a portrait of them. And this happened on Thursday...

I very rarely get nervous before shooting anybody, but I felt slightly apprehensive before they arrived..

Kenny turned up with cakes in hand, I was already set up and didn't want to take too long over the shots. I gave Kenny direction and he translated. I found my usual Dad-Gag routine took a while to get through to my audience, I would say something, Kenny would translate, then a laugh would drop out the other end...

Anyway Kwang-won is 86 and has the verve of a man 20 years younger, as does Dong-soon, a mere 80... One thing I notice was how beautiful his Grandmother's skin was, I complimented her on this, but I felt she thought I was joking, but they both had a beauty about them, that I loved...

Did I mentioned they'd been married for 55 years..

I hope they like what I have taken and hope to see them again sometime...?

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