Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Must Av A Moustache For Archie... Nugget

Recently I had some tragic news, that an old school friend had suddenly past away at the tender age of 39.. I had seen Adam 'Archie' Hughes for many years, but the whole school and town community have pulled together, over this sad news...

A Facebook page in honour of him was set up, entitled 'Must Av A Moustache For Archie'.. And all the locals and fellow school colleges are trying to grown Mo's.. Obviously there have been a fair few females uploading false mo's for the cause and my Elkie saw this and wanted to take a photo for the site..

We saw a moustache necklace on the weekend and we thought it would do the trick.. Though when it came time to strike a pose, she got rather camera shy, which is very unlike her.. So Daddy lent a helping hand, literally..

Here's my favourite from the very limited series...

R.I.P. Archie & my best wishes to you all connected with this tragedy, back home. x x

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