Monday, May 28, 2012

Dylan from the Caf..

Art Graduate Dylan Cooper goes to my local cafe, I think he is such an interesting subject, so I ask if I could take his portrait.. Here is a few of the images...

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9 from 49... Wolfman Williams..

Here are my 9 picks from the 49 contact sheet, to be honest I could have uploaded at least 30 blinking shots, which I may do..?  Manly's winger Williams loves his beard, but can be a little hard on himself about it at times, I think he should just let it grow for a few years..

After Williams horrendous neck injury last season Wolfman still keeps a brace in his car, purely on the off chance he can pose in it on a photo shoot, last Thursday we were able to do just that..

David is simply a good lad, with a great sense of humour, think I may work on a few ideas for another shoot down the line..

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wolfman drops round for a chat and hot chocolate..

Manly Sea Eagles Winger David 'Wolfman' Williams was shot by me for my beard series a few years back, when we broke the rules and did a reverse Movember, Beard-to-Mo... Wolfman and I have kept in touch since and I rang him up, to see if I could shoot him for my 'Friends of Friends series..?

David is as down to earth as they come, with a great sense of humour, not one in the past to shy away from making a fool of himself (in a good way) for the practical joke.. Pink beards and PLANKING come to mind.. When I last shot David he'd just returned from the U.S., when I saw him this week, he was lean, but unfortunately injured again, after last seasons bust neck!!

Anyway, he sat down and we discussed shredding his A-Team van, launching his bearded 'Wolfman' neck support for long flights and then popped down to Flood Street Carousel, for a coffee, well had two hot chocolates, I felt like I was taking my son out after school.. This was after he's shown me a few short cuts on Photoshop!

Cal, throw us a couple of pieces of cake, before getting us to try and taste some of his new products.. To be honest I was just trying to fatten Wolfman up as he was too lean for my liking and making me look bad..

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Euan's Black Belt Grading..

Working on my artist series 'Pigment' has introduced me to some wonderful people, this past six months.. Former Archibald winner Euan Macleod and I both train with Neil Frazer (Frazer) twice a week, along with Telly, who was taking his Brown Belt..

Frazer teaches Yoshukai Karate, which he has studied for over thirty years, he teaches us on a none profit basis, which in this day and age, a rare thing.. On Saturday Euan was going for his Black Belt after studying for eight years, Telly was taking his Brown. I was there merely in a photographic capacity this day, to record the exam.

Usually I wouldn't upload this sort of imagery on my blog, but when I was editing the images, these four shots grabbed my attention.. Both Telly and Euan had been put through their paces, having to run to Norton Street Forum to run up and down the steps 10 times, followed by press ups, before sparring with three different Black Belt's..

The guys were exhausted by the end, both not sure of their outcome.. Euan and Telly sat facing the mirror awaiting their fate, Euan had forgotten to wear his gum shield whilst sparring and had taken a few shots to the head, in this series he is checking his jaw..

Both guys passed, next time round hopefully it'll be me there, minus the sore jaw...

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Friday, May 18, 2012

50. Contact Sheet.. McLean Edwards...

Actually, there's 49...

There were 50 in the series.

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50. Artist McLean Edwards..

I've been wanting to do another set of images with McLean for some weeks now, finally I pinned him down to come over for an hour or so..

Artist McLean and I, seem to work well together, he is such great subject matter and very aware of the space around him, all I needed was a prop or two and off he went..

Here are the 50 images from that 30 minutes we shot for, I wouldn't usually upload this many, but whilst editing I thought, I'll put them all up as I enjoy them as a series..

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