Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pigment.. Jasper Knight... Part2

I met Jasper Knight about six weeks ago, before he jetted off to Japan, he's a easy going kind of chap and I look forward to when I shoot his portrait for my series.. Archibald winner Knight's style is by far the most diverse of the Pigment series to date, his bold use of bright pop art colours, his trade mark.. And this is where I wanted to concentrate on..

He had thrown out a couple of paintings, which I rescued from the rubbish bin, though torn up I chose to focus on these pieces for his section..

His colour palette is throughout all he throws out, blacks, bright yellow, royal blue and reds..

I has shot Jasper's series a few weeks back, but I wanted to shoot more images and in a different approach and upload these as his final images for the series, as I felt it was a better representation of him and his work..

As always click on the image to enlarge..

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