Monday, May 21, 2012

Euan's Black Belt Grading..

Working on my artist series 'Pigment' has introduced me to some wonderful people, this past six months.. Former Archibald winner Euan Macleod and I both train with Neil Frazer (Frazer) twice a week, along with Telly, who was taking his Brown Belt..

Frazer teaches Yoshukai Karate, which he has studied for over thirty years, he teaches us on a none profit basis, which in this day and age, a rare thing.. On Saturday Euan was going for his Black Belt after studying for eight years, Telly was taking his Brown. I was there merely in a photographic capacity this day, to record the exam.

Usually I wouldn't upload this sort of imagery on my blog, but when I was editing the images, these four shots grabbed my attention.. Both Telly and Euan had been put through their paces, having to run to Norton Street Forum to run up and down the steps 10 times, followed by press ups, before sparring with three different Black Belt's..

The guys were exhausted by the end, both not sure of their outcome.. Euan and Telly sat facing the mirror awaiting their fate, Euan had forgotten to wear his gum shield whilst sparring and had taken a few shots to the head, in this series he is checking his jaw..

Both guys passed, next time round hopefully it'll be me there, minus the sore jaw...

As always click on the image to enlarge...

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