Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Paul Mac..

The first time I remember seeing Paul Mac, was when I saw his video clip as 'The Dissociatives' back in 2004.. My friend Brendan Maclean mentioned recently that Paul was producing his first album and wanted to catch up, after seeing some of the stuff we'd shot this year..

So we met in the café they frequent in Erskineville a few weeks back, had a few coffees and discussed Mr Mac's new album, title and ideas for some random images we could put him in..
After 16 strong flat whites, we finally managed to hatch a couple of ideas and set to work, to meet up the following week to start shooting a few components for the images...

Paul liked the humour in the shots, that Brendan and I had done in the past year or so. So was open to doing something a little left of centre, which I like.. Paul has a good sense of humour and doesn't mind making a fool of himself for the shot, if we can actually get to take the shot..

We met last Thursday to shoot the first images, he came over and we popped down to see Cal for a couple of luke warm coffees and he threw in a couple of pieces of cake, which I think he'd dropped on the floor..? Then we set to work..

Paul said he didn't like having his photo taken..

Then followed 40 minutes of this, luckily I managed to get what I needed. But I must say, it's good to have a good laugh, now and again..

We've shot again today for a few other components, some slightly more serious, some not so.. What I know is if his record company let us publish what I want, I may retire...

This series I thought were just a good laugh.. There were at least 30 images I could have uploaded, these are just natural..

The other stuff will follow in good time, if the record company get them.................................??

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pigment.. Richard Larter...

I met with artist Euan Macleod on Monday for a coffee to pick his brains, on who I should approach next for my Pigment series..? After three strong flat whites, he gives me a piece of paper with a hand written list, that looked like a doctor had written it...

Then he says "Hang on Richard, Richard Larter, he's showing at the gallery on Wednesday, at Watters Gallery, where Euan shows his work.. http://www.wattersgallery.com 

Larter is an 82 year old artist, who seems to be a bit of a rockstar to many artists.. A quote from his gallery website.. Born in England in 1929, Larter moved to Australia in 1962. His work, which dates from the late 1950's through to the present, is at times audacious and political, at others abstract and lyrical.

Born in Essex England, the man hasn't lost his accent at all, in 50 years of living here and on meeting him, I felt that everyone should have an Uncle like him, eccentric and slightly crazy, he was brilliant..

It was really great to see Euan with him, maybe he saw him as a bit of a Father figure, or hero..? I was introduced to Richard and said I would set my lights up in the gallery upstairs. I only had an hours parking, so wanted to work fast.. Euan brought Richard over as I set the lights up and Euan asked him questions on his show, that hung on the walls around us.. 

After a coffee run, I asked Richard to sit on my Union Jack stool, I get everyone to sit on for their portrait and we started to shoot.. He is a real character talking about the 60's and 70's, about subjects he'd painted, drugs, booze and the famous Isle of Wight concert by The Who, he was at..

Richard has amazing skin and these pale blue eyes that sparkle as he talks to you. Even though 82, Larter still has the presence and energy of himself 40 years ago, in many ways.. I only wanted to spend 10 minutes shooting him and he took direction perfectly and delivered..

Larter's show is currently on at Watters in East Sydney and worth a butchers..

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Cheese... A man at ease.. Part2.

My love for cheese, is well known within my close circles and a while back I shot a series entitled 'A man at ease, is a man with with cheese'... (Steven Hawes 2001). With a friend of mine Boris Garelya, who has a love of action figures and could supply the right figures for the job..

I have been wanting to shoot some more figures for sometime and just not got round to it, until last week, thanks to Cream Studios... Steve York and Co recently move to a new location on Fouveux Street in Sydney, a nice looking space with plenty of empty walls..

Steve, Karl, Lucia & Conor all have action figures decorating their desks and there are other figures here, there and everywhere... I've never had that desire to own one of these figures, but can appreciate the detail that goes into them, plus they cost a bloody fortune..!!

Anyway on dropping into see the new office, I mentioned to Steve that I'd shot the previous series and how I'd like to do some more and if you liked, you could have a couple of prints to have in their toilets.....

What has followed has been a Cream Cheese journey, into the world of fantasy action figures and a fine selection of fine cheeses.. I Tweeted last week that I'd shot Al Pacino, a few friends and family replied saying what great news this was, to shoot such an icon. Little did they know it was a 10" action figure of 'Scarface', but I wasn't lying, well not much... Then there was Arnie looking rather skinny as Terminator, Alan Cummins as Night Crawler, Alien, Predator and one of the chaps from Tim Burton's remake of 'Planet of the Apes'...

Scarface "Say hello to my little cracker".... Laughing Cow.
Alien and Bocconcini, that actually looks like a boob.
Hellboy as Babybel Boy.
Attar 'Planet of the Apes' with a silver platter of Sesame Wheat and Cracker Barrel.
Hellboy with Cubed Cheddar and Green cocktail onions.. (Apparently and Aussie classic).
Nightcrawler, with a bit of blue..
Attar full length.
Predator, with Fondue. (My favourite).
And Nightcrawler 3/4..
Terminator, Babybel.
Arnie 3/4 Babybel..

If you appreciate action figures and cheese, look no further. ..

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jimmy Niggles Esq & his fine beard, that I've named Barry..

Nordic Viking Mr Niggles was introduced to me through a mutual mate Mr May.. On seeing Jimmy's fine beard on Facebook I got in touch with May and asked for his details... What followed was a 6 month pursuit to shoot him and the beard 'Barry'.. I had a meeting at the agency Bango, where a certain Nordic Viking works and finally we pinned down a day to shoot the portrait..

Niggles has an eccentric way about him and his appearance, he is a good sort and a good laugh..
'Barry' the beard is so dense it has it's own postal code, it's a beauty.. On uploading the first portrait on Facebook a female friend of mine made this comment Very. Good. Looking. Bearded. Man..
I replied he was not good looking or have a beard when he arrived for his portrait..

Melbourne lad Jimmy has his own site http://thisisbeard.com/ which Jimmy started after his mate Wes Bonny found out he had a melanoma on his neck. A few months later he tragically passed away. Jimmy, alongside a few of his mates started Beard Season in an effort spread the word about how important it is to check your skin and know what to look for..

I'm keen to get on board with Jimmy for this worth while cause and shoot some great beards...

Please check out Niggles site..

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Monday, July 2, 2012

John Waters.. Friend of Friends...

Last Monday my friend Carl Dennis and I got up for the 4.30am screening of the England v Italy Quarter final for the Euro's, which we were watching at a café on Norton Street in Leichhardt, Little Italy.. He said he had to pick his friend John up on route, so at 4.25am Actor John Waters walks out his front door, with a cup of coffee in hand and an England Jester's hat on his head..

Chelsea fan John is obviously a very well known actor on these shores, we got to the café and sat down next to each other, to view the game unfold to agonising penalty shoot out, that England managed to choke once more...

John stars in my wife Sarah's favourite TV program 'Offspring'..

On approaching Sarah Dennis, Carl's wife to ask if I could photograph John, she said there would be no problem and she kindly arranged it for me.. So when I mentioned to my Sarah's mum casually, that a certain Mr Waters would be popping round for a portrait, she went rather weak at the knees..

John came round on Thursday after I'd shot Reg Mombassa, they knew each other, had a quick chat then we got started.. John has worn very well for his years and he has an intensity in his piercing green eyes, that reminds me of Oliver Reed, in his day... We chatted about football, England, where he is originally from, living in London and going to watch his beloved Chelsea as a boy.. Then talk about his work, music career, coffee, families and more football.

We shoot for only 10-15 minutes, John's rugged good looks his trade mark, I think on discussion he was liked by both my wife and her mum, they don't generally have the same tastes...

Afterwards we drop into Flood Street Carousel, as we share a love for good coffee, Cal whipped us up a couple a coffee's and we chatted some more, before my friend Steve arrived. Several people approached John to mention the TV show, then we headed off..

Hopefully John approves of the shots and I hope next time my beloved Liverpool are playing Chelsea, Carl, John and myself get to catch up once more..?

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