Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Paul Mac..

The first time I remember seeing Paul Mac, was when I saw his video clip as 'The Dissociatives' back in 2004.. My friend Brendan Maclean mentioned recently that Paul was producing his first album and wanted to catch up, after seeing some of the stuff we'd shot this year..

So we met in the café they frequent in Erskineville a few weeks back, had a few coffees and discussed Mr Mac's new album, title and ideas for some random images we could put him in..
After 16 strong flat whites, we finally managed to hatch a couple of ideas and set to work, to meet up the following week to start shooting a few components for the images...

Paul liked the humour in the shots, that Brendan and I had done in the past year or so. So was open to doing something a little left of centre, which I like.. Paul has a good sense of humour and doesn't mind making a fool of himself for the shot, if we can actually get to take the shot..

We met last Thursday to shoot the first images, he came over and we popped down to see Cal for a couple of luke warm coffees and he threw in a couple of pieces of cake, which I think he'd dropped on the floor..? Then we set to work..

Paul said he didn't like having his photo taken..

Then followed 40 minutes of this, luckily I managed to get what I needed. But I must say, it's good to have a good laugh, now and again..

We've shot again today for a few other components, some slightly more serious, some not so.. What I know is if his record company let us publish what I want, I may retire...

This series I thought were just a good laugh.. There were at least 30 images I could have uploaded, these are just natural..

The other stuff will follow in good time, if the record company get them.................................??

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