Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pigment.. Richard Larter...

I met with artist Euan Macleod on Monday for a coffee to pick his brains, on who I should approach next for my Pigment series..? After three strong flat whites, he gives me a piece of paper with a hand written list, that looked like a doctor had written it...

Then he says "Hang on Richard, Richard Larter, he's showing at the gallery on Wednesday, at Watters Gallery, where Euan shows his work.. 

Larter is an 82 year old artist, who seems to be a bit of a rockstar to many artists.. A quote from his gallery website.. Born in England in 1929, Larter moved to Australia in 1962. His work, which dates from the late 1950's through to the present, is at times audacious and political, at others abstract and lyrical.

Born in Essex England, the man hasn't lost his accent at all, in 50 years of living here and on meeting him, I felt that everyone should have an Uncle like him, eccentric and slightly crazy, he was brilliant..

It was really great to see Euan with him, maybe he saw him as a bit of a Father figure, or hero..? I was introduced to Richard and said I would set my lights up in the gallery upstairs. I only had an hours parking, so wanted to work fast.. Euan brought Richard over as I set the lights up and Euan asked him questions on his show, that hung on the walls around us.. 

After a coffee run, I asked Richard to sit on my Union Jack stool, I get everyone to sit on for their portrait and we started to shoot.. He is a real character talking about the 60's and 70's, about subjects he'd painted, drugs, booze and the famous Isle of Wight concert by The Who, he was at..

Richard has amazing skin and these pale blue eyes that sparkle as he talks to you. Even though 82, Larter still has the presence and energy of himself 40 years ago, in many ways.. I only wanted to spend 10 minutes shooting him and he took direction perfectly and delivered..

Larter's show is currently on at Watters in East Sydney and worth a butchers..

As always click on the image to enlarge...

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