Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mr Wiltshire's fine beard..

Back in June, I met Simon at a petrol station after I'd just finished hanging my 'Facial' exhibition. And it's taken us 2 months to finally get round to shooting him for my series. He's a cool cat and nice bloke, with a fine beard...

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Sofia's Skull's... Her collection

My friend Matthew Lawrence, (good bespoke tailor on William St, Paddington) has a friend Sofia Fitzpatrick, who makes jewelry. If you're into Skulls, she's up for making anything to do with them!! Sofia carves the designs out of molding wax first, so they have a real gritty feel to their designs.. I've just uploaded the rest of her collection, if you're into skulls, you need to take a butchers at her work..

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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Beards... The 100 Beards Tour... Photo shoot..

Well, Adelaide's finest were in town on Friday for their 'The 100 Beards Tour' gig, a slot on Triple J and more importantly a high tempo photo shoot. With a very special guest model flown in from NYC...'Billy'..
'Billy' who has made a very nice living modelling for the past few years, agreed to get on board for the guys shoot. Quote "The Beard's are paving the way forward for the man who sports a beard, they're simply flying the flag, for the hairier man". 
The boys had the industries best, to dress them in designer tuxedo's, sporting top hats and canes.. To give the flavour of money, money, money, high society & high class to their shoot.
Joel, Josh, Michael & Tom are as always a great group of guys, up for a laugh, down to earth and very talented musicians. Their new album 'Having a beard is the new, not having a beard' is out in February...


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