Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jimmy Niggles Esq & his fine beard, that I've named Barry..

Nordic Viking Mr Niggles was introduced to me through a mutual mate Mr May.. On seeing Jimmy's fine beard on Facebook I got in touch with May and asked for his details... What followed was a 6 month pursuit to shoot him and the beard 'Barry'.. I had a meeting at the agency Bango, where a certain Nordic Viking works and finally we pinned down a day to shoot the portrait..

Niggles has an eccentric way about him and his appearance, he is a good sort and a good laugh..
'Barry' the beard is so dense it has it's own postal code, it's a beauty.. On uploading the first portrait on Facebook a female friend of mine made this comment Very. Good. Looking. Bearded. Man..
I replied he was not good looking or have a beard when he arrived for his portrait..

Melbourne lad Jimmy has his own site which Jimmy started after his mate Wes Bonny found out he had a melanoma on his neck. A few months later he tragically passed away. Jimmy, alongside a few of his mates started Beard Season in an effort spread the word about how important it is to check your skin and know what to look for..

I'm keen to get on board with Jimmy for this worth while cause and shoot some great beards...

Please check out Niggles site..

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