Monday, July 9, 2012

Cheese... A man at ease.. Part2.

My love for cheese, is well known within my close circles and a while back I shot a series entitled 'A man at ease, is a man with with cheese'... (Steven Hawes 2001). With a friend of mine Boris Garelya, who has a love of action figures and could supply the right figures for the job..

I have been wanting to shoot some more figures for sometime and just not got round to it, until last week, thanks to Cream Studios... Steve York and Co recently move to a new location on Fouveux Street in Sydney, a nice looking space with plenty of empty walls..

Steve, Karl, Lucia & Conor all have action figures decorating their desks and there are other figures here, there and everywhere... I've never had that desire to own one of these figures, but can appreciate the detail that goes into them, plus they cost a bloody fortune..!!

Anyway on dropping into see the new office, I mentioned to Steve that I'd shot the previous series and how I'd like to do some more and if you liked, you could have a couple of prints to have in their toilets.....

What has followed has been a Cream Cheese journey, into the world of fantasy action figures and a fine selection of fine cheeses.. I Tweeted last week that I'd shot Al Pacino, a few friends and family replied saying what great news this was, to shoot such an icon. Little did they know it was a 10" action figure of 'Scarface', but I wasn't lying, well not much... Then there was Arnie looking rather skinny as Terminator, Alan Cummins as Night Crawler, Alien, Predator and one of the chaps from Tim Burton's remake of 'Planet of the Apes'...

Scarface "Say hello to my little cracker".... Laughing Cow.
Alien and Bocconcini, that actually looks like a boob.
Hellboy as Babybel Boy.
Attar 'Planet of the Apes' with a silver platter of Sesame Wheat and Cracker Barrel.
Hellboy with Cubed Cheddar and Green cocktail onions.. (Apparently and Aussie classic).
Nightcrawler, with a bit of blue..
Attar full length.
Predator, with Fondue. (My favourite).
And Nightcrawler 3/4..
Terminator, Babybel.
Arnie 3/4 Babybel..

If you appreciate action figures and cheese, look no further. ..

As always click on the image to enlarge..

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