Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wolfman drops round for a chat and hot chocolate..

Manly Sea Eagles Winger David 'Wolfman' Williams was shot by me for my beard series a few years back, when we broke the rules and did a reverse Movember, Beard-to-Mo... Wolfman and I have kept in touch since and I rang him up, to see if I could shoot him for my 'Friends of Friends series..?

David is as down to earth as they come, with a great sense of humour, not one in the past to shy away from making a fool of himself (in a good way) for the practical joke.. Pink beards and PLANKING come to mind.. When I last shot David he'd just returned from the U.S., when I saw him this week, he was lean, but unfortunately injured again, after last seasons bust neck!!

Anyway, he sat down and we discussed shredding his A-Team van, launching his bearded 'Wolfman' neck support for long flights and then popped down to Flood Street Carousel, for a coffee, well had two hot chocolates, I felt like I was taking my son out after school.. This was after he's shown me a few short cuts on Photoshop!

Cal, throw us a couple of pieces of cake, before getting us to try and taste some of his new products.. To be honest I was just trying to fatten Wolfman up as he was too lean for my liking and making me look bad..

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