Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Carousel Characters..

My very local cafe, Flood Street Carousel has been open for 6 months now and owner Caleb Maynard and I have collaborated on an exhibition of his regular customers..

'Cal' is all for the local community and working with other local business people, to try and develope the Leichhardt area. The cafe has done very well since he opened his doors, in December of last year. I pop down every morning for a couple of coffees and have got to know him and a lot of the regulars well, it's become a real social centre for young mums and business people a like..

I approached Cal a month or so ago and ask about shooting a series of 'real' portraits of his regular customers, Cal loved the idea and we set to work on getting around 24 of them, for the shoot..
Which then in turn would be exhibited at the cafe, with an open night, so all his customers could come down, have a drink and meet each other..

All up I shot around 40 portraits of customers and staff, which we've edited down to the final series of 24.. Cal wanted a real cross section of his daily customers and suppliers, people he has got to know, as well as their order..

I set up a simple lighting rig up in a corner of the cafe and we had a steady stream of people through, on Monday of last week. I approached all the talent the same way and only spent 90 seconds photographing each person, as it is a busy environment and didn't want for people to be too self conscious..

The full series will follow after the exhibition on the 7th of June..

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