Monday, November 12, 2012

Flour Power... Brendan Maclean. Beat Me To It..

So I called Brendan, on my return from London and let him know I want to shoot a video clip, of one of his songs.. Mr Maclean has already shot some great clips, that sum him up brilliantly.. My idea was a little different to that, so I told him the idea.. He said "Yep, sure. I'll be over next week."

I wanted to do this clip in one take, that was my only real direction, apart from keep eye contact and give it some welly, so to speak.. Brendan never disappoints.. We shot one practice run, for lyrics and then shot it for real..

The work process with him is always fun, he is always eager to shoot ideas, that a lot of singers probably wouldn't and he always delivers.. Whilst on Skype with my eldest nephew, back in London, who happens to be an actor of 15 plus years, I ask him if I could play him the clip, via Skype..

Holding the Ipad back to front and lining up the screen was an achievement in itself, but I wanted to see Dan's reaction..?  At first there was a grin and a smirk, then as the clip progressed, his expression changed..

These are some of the grabs from the clip...

As always click on the image to enlarge...

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