Thursday, June 14, 2012

John's lad Eddie..




John 'Sticky' Llyod was my right hand man in defence, for Leichhardt Tigers, even though he supports the blue half of Liverpool.. Sticky and I have many things in common, we both played for Leichhardt, both English, both support teams from Liverpool and both bald as a coot..

I've known Sticky for about 3 years and have seen his lad Eddie grow up over those past few years. Eddie looks like a mini John and has always had these great freckles. I recently shot John for an exhibition I was doing and at the opening asked him and Claire, if I could shoot Eddie's portrait..?

Yesterday they dropped in for a 20 minute portrait and here are the results, like Father, like Son..
Eddie is 10 years old and isn't far from turning into a young man and teenager, he still has that innocence that we all once had and that is what I love about his series of images, along with his amazing freckles, that will fade over the coming years..

I honestly think the top 2 images of Eddie are my favourite portraits, that I've shot to date..

As always click on image to enlarge...

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