Monday, January 9, 2012

Pigment.. Neil Frazer's Portrait, oh and Brains...

I emailed Frazer this morning if he fancied a quick portrait shot, before my wife gives birth over the next few days.. He said for sure, so I popped round to shoot him in his studio along with Brains, his and wife Jo's dog... Artist Frazer and his wife and artist Jo Braithwaite are lovely, I've only met them a couple of times, but I feel like I've know them for much longer.

Frazer will be having three separate portraits done over the next few months, this been the first of them.. It's not very often you get an opportunity to shoot someone, whose jeans can stand up by themselves... My friend Matthew Lawrence Bespoke, is going to be making him a suit for one of the shots and the third will involve his plastic paint covered wall... ]

Brains also got in on the act today getting a few snaps taken before I headed off, Brains was a natural in front of the lens..

Jo's portrait will be shot in a few weeks time..

Hopefully next up in my Oil series will be Euan Macleod, along with Ben Quilty..

As always click to enlarge the image...

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