Sunday, January 1, 2012

Clinton Duncan's Beard... Sadly Removed..

It's always a sad day when someone decides to shave his or her beard off, a few days back was one of those days.. Bad ass biker Clinton Duncan, who works for my mates Paul and Simon at There Design, worked on my website last year. Recently I popped into There to see Mr Duncan sporting a fine facial beard... I saw the crash helmet and shades at his desk and said he'd need to wear them for his beard portrait, when he decided to shave it off.. What followed was a roller coaster of looks for the bearded man.. Put it this way, if we'd had a power cut after we trimmed it down to a tash, it could have ended ugly.. Fair play to Clinton for being a good sport, you can see how sad he looks minus the beard. My thoughts are with him, at this difficult time..

As always click to enlarge the image...

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