Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pigment.. Jasper Knight...


Artist Jasper Knight was introduced to me, by a mutual friend Joel at one of his Sydney shows earlier this year.. Jasper was busy, so I introduced myself, told what I was doing with the series and arranged to come in to his studio and take it from there.. That was 6 months ago and I managed to shoot his still life series back then too. Pinning him down for his portrait on the other hand, has taken this long.

Jasper has his studio in town, James who is in front and runs the space lets me in, as Jasper is out and I set up in a corner out of the way.. Large pieces of Jasper's work hang on the walls around me, for a show coming up in Melbourne... They are bright, graphic and in your face, in a good way..

20 minutes later Jasper arrives and I ask for a stool, for him to sit on.. He seems impressed with all the kit I've brought to shoot him with, as most photographers in the past just shoot natural light.

He sits down and we start.. Jasper's easy going and doesn't mind what direction we take with the shots, as long as I don't look like a _ _ _ / _ _ _ _..

Jasper keeps coming over to look at the shots and loves the detail in the frames, 10 minutes later we're winding up and discussing Morrissey's up and coming tour, I do a quick grade on one his picks, the first frame and we're done..

"Who have you got next"?
"Ben Quilty, hopefully"...?

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