Friday, October 19, 2012

Daisy.. White Rabbit's beautiful British Bulldog...

I arrived at Sydney's White Rabbit Gallery this morning, at 8.50am to photograph David and Pete, the men on front desk and security, at the gallery..

Both chaps have interesting looks and had kindly agreed to let shoot a quick portrait of them..

Then halfway through shooting David, in walked Daisy..

Last week, whilst me and the girls were at the gallery, we had met Daisy in the lift, she's a stunner and has a bottom row of teeth, many would envy..

After I'd finished shooting David, she kindly allowed me the great honour of capturing the true beauty she possesses..

I just hope my images have done her a true justice..?

Luckily David and Co were on hand to speak in their best dog voices and ply her with the finest biscuits to get her to sit still, for 2 minutes..

Here are my pick of the bunch..

Monty, my English Staffy said she was well fit and would love to take her for a walk round the block sometime...

David & Pete's shots to follow.

As always click on the image to enlarge...

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