Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pigment.. McLean Edwards...

McLean Edwards gave me free rein, when entering his studio to collect whatever I wished to take, to document his section of the series... As I mentioned in my last blog on his portraits, this man is a real character, complex, intelligent, but a force at the same time, but also charming..

I've ended up shooting about 30% more images with McLean's series, I felt that his objects showed him in each tube, diverse, unorthodox, I really enjoyed shooting this series.. The colours and textures, along with the energy that seems to have squeezed the last bits of paint of of them, each tell their own story..

On Thursday I am shooting McLean's second set of portraits for the series and intend to show yet another side to this man, the images will be much tighter than last weeks..

Anyway, there are a lot to go through, if you  want... I just couldn't edit them down any further..

Next up Either Jasper Knight, or Ben Quilty...? However calls me first...

As always click on the image to enlarge...

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