Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pigment.. McLean Edwards Portrait..

McLean Edwards was introduced to me through Jo Braithwaite, on meeting him I liked him instantly, which is saying something.. If two of my friends Nick Darby and Gavin Vance had a lovechild, Mac would be it.. If I only take away one thing from our first meeting (for me to collect his objects for me to shoot for the series) was this.. If you run out of ice for your Vodka, use frozen peas instead.. McLean studio has a much character has he does himself, there is organised chaos within the walls of his space, magazines piled high, along with dozens of old tubes of paint, with a thousand cigarette butts. It was like a treasure trove going through Mac's objects for me to shoot, each tube had it's own story, each plate with which he mixed his paints on, had life on them..
Anyway I'm still editing that series as I shot so many images, so I jump to his portrait. I said I wanted to photograph Mac in his suit and wanted a few props, one of which his pipe, which is a personal private object I feel.. McLean is a charming and intelligent person, that I find complex, but interesting, even though we yet to finish a discussion, before we get on to our next subject.
If he only takes away one thing from our session today, is that he went home with a six pack pack of good beer and his silver tankard has been washed up and will be returned on our next meeting..  

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