Monday, April 2, 2012

Pigment.. Jasper Knight.


I met Jasper through a mutual friend Joel Gibson, who he went to Uni with.. Jasper is the youngest artist in the series so far and has the most diverse style and colour palette..  I briefly met Jasper at his current show in Sydney and arranged to go in last week before he went to Tokyo..  Jasper's studio space on entering it, has a colour code throughout, a bright 'Pop Art' theme...

Jasper had chipboard flooring around the edge of his studio floor, which he replaces from time to time, when its really covered in paint. I asked him if I could get a piece cut up to take away and he obliged, along with that, two stools and two ripped up paintings in his bin, set the tone for his series..

What I've enjoyed about Jasper's images are the graphic nature to them and the strong colour's he uses throughout his work..

I will be shooting Jasper in the coming week's for the series..

As always click on the image to enlarge...

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