Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pigment... Joanna Braithwaite Portrait, oh and Josephine..

Finally I have got round to shooting Jo Braithwaite's portrait, for my Pigment series.. As I've mentioned before on the blog how pleasant Jo and her husband Frazer are and felt I could push her shot a little more, now I know them better.. Jo has done a series on birds and I wanted to incorporate one for our shot.. So she kindly asked her friend Erick Vals to supply one.

Josephine was a little reluctant to get out of her cage on the day and was rather vicious to say the least on attempting to entice her out of the thing.. I'd just about given up, when the bird decided to come out for her close up..

But poor Jo got the rough end of the deal, with two very scratched arms and a nibbled ear, but as you can see was game for the shots and managed to get a few at the end, that have a lovely quality to them between the two Jo's

Hopefully next up is Archibald winner Ben Quilty....

As always click on the image to enlarge...

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