Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pigment.. Alexander McKenzie


Following on my series with Australian artists, I've recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the artist Alexander McKenzie I was lucky enough to go to his studio and see up close his exquisite landscapes.. This being the second in the series it was interesting to see how different he works to George. He kindly let me take what I wanted to shoot and I ended up with a great selection of pieces. Alex joked at some of the stuff I thought was worth shooting, like the newspapers that he uses to wipe his brushes on, so graphic.. Here is a selection of my favourites, from the 150 images I took.. I'm also aiming to take Alex's portrait in the not too distant future.. Next up is Joanna Braithwaite and her husband Frazer... An exhibition is planned for next year of the best images from the series.

As always click on the image to enlarge...

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